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Hi :D I’m Jessica and he’s Alex and we’re super cool atheists :D I submitted here over a year ago, but I figured to give it another go with this buttface :3
He was raised Catholic and that just didn’t work out for him. I was raised in a kinda-sorta secular household.We are both Psychology majors, if you’re interested in that. We’ve been together for 2 years now and we’re expecting a surprise baby in September and we don’t plan on addressing religion with our child until they’re old enough to ask us about it themselves. 
—Thanks so much for your return visit to FoA! :D
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  Hi! I’m Hailey! I’m a writer, amateur astronomer, and an aspiring philosopher of science. I love discussing science, politics, and the universe. I’m great at debating, and I’m an involved activist for atheism, feminism, environmentalism, and veganism. I love art and literature, and expressing my ideas and opinions. Tumblr Account: 
—Hi Hailey! Yay for atheism, feminism, environmentalism, and veganism. I think we’d be great friends. :D Thanks for adding to FoA! :D
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Hi, I’m Cheyenne, I’m 23. I am a student, med school bound in the fall, hopefully to be a oncologist or psychiatrist. I work in the physics department of my university. I’m a single mom and love every crazy minute of it. I’m a Texan currently living in South Carolina. I love reading, cooking and spending time with the amazing people in my life.
—Hello Cheyenne! Best of luck with med school (my best friend is heading that route, too!). Thanks for adding to the blog.
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Name: Sarah Beth. Age: 16. Hobbies: Debating, writing, and sfx makeup. Likes: Atheism, debates, art, and other forms of expression. 
—Hi Sarah Beth. Thanks so much for contributing to Faces of Atheists.
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“A belief is not true because it is useful.”

- Henri Frédéric Amiel
Hi my names Ishmeal and I’m 21 in just two weeks.
I’m a twin, big fan of sports (especially Football), I go to CSU Sacramento and I’m a science major. I like to play video games and watch Game of Thrones. I watch plenty of anime as well and I love cars too. Go Green Bay Packers! 
—Happy Early Birthday, Ismeal! Thanks for adding to the blog.
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—Amy Alkon
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“If atheism is a religion, then health is a disease.”

- Clark Adams
Hi my name is Christian (ironic isn’t it?). I make photographs, eat pizza and listen to fast music.
—Hi Christian (the irony!). Thanks so much for contributing to Faces of Atheists. 
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“Whatever we cannot easily understand, we call God; this saves much wear and tear on the brain tissues… Belief in the supernatural reflects a failure of the imagination.”

- Edward Abbey
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